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"After using Lauren for 2 years, I"m amazed at how much better my back feels. Miracle hands at work!"
Nov 06, 2018
"I saw Dr. Grant for severe back pain and for tennis elbow that had been bothering me for months. In just a few visits - I'm pain free. He is truly gifted at diagnosing and curing problems. And Lauren gave me a great massage too - just the right amount of pressure. Thanks to you both."
Oct 14, 2018
"All I really need to say is Grant is a fantastic Dr who knows his stuff!!! He will take time to talk and discuss treatments that work for you, no two patients are alike. I am a thankful patient."
Oct 04, 2018
"Try a massage with Lauren (cupping highly recommended) and you will experience a very relaxing result. You will come back for more. "
Sep 19, 2018
"After months of extreme knee pain, I was directed to this amazing practice. Grant found the source of the pain quickly and went to work! After only 2 visits I am pain free and getting back to walking, tennis and enjoying life! Thank you."
Sep 05, 2018


Sima P., MD wrote, "I fractured my shoulder in 2 places after dislocating my shoulder in February. I was trying to avoid surgery and was put on bed rest for 4 weeks. I was completely astonished at how much mobility I lost! Reading all the medical literature, it appeared that it would take 9-12 months to recover and most did not fully recover. As an internist with a busy practice and a mom to 3 children, I could not afford so much down time. Dr Smith told me that I could get 100% recovery and he delivered! After the first week, I had already regained over 50% of my mobility and was fully functioning after 3 weeks! My orthopedist wanted to see me convinced I would need a shoulder injection. He was amazed at my recovery and even called Dr Smith the David Copperfield of PT! He could not believe that I was able to recover so quickly! Seeing patients in my practice, most take months to recover from injuries. His techniques are far superior to other therapists and you get quicker recovery and use less pain medications and less surgery. Although you pay since he takes no insurance, you save money as you need less therapy with a qualified therapist. You can get a superbill to submit to insurance. I highly recommend him and will use him for all my aches and pains! He is truly a miracle worker! As a physician, I can say that he achieves far better results and is completely worth every penny! I recommend him to all my patients and use him personally!"

Sarah M. wrote, "Dr. Smith is an amazing doctor and a really important part of this team! He's been great at treating my ankle, low back pain and knee pain all with no surgical intervention! I had fallen and had a huge high and low ankle sprain, but through physical therapy exercises and manual manipulation of the muscles and ligaments Dr. Smith was able to bring down the swelling and get me walking again! He also used physical therapy exercises and manipulated my spine in my low back treatment. His dry needling skills are also excellent - you ALMOST would never know a needle was stuck in your muscle! My favorite thing about Dr. Smith though is that he's not just your doctor - he really cares about your well-being and cares about you like a friend. I'm grateful to have him on my medical team!"

Courtney E. wrote, "This place is relaxing from the moment you walk in the door! Dr. Grant and Lauren are both excellent at what they do. Dr. Grant did a spinal manipulation and used dry needling on a bad knot in my back he took the time to talk me through everything he was doing. Then I saw Lauren for one of the best massages I have ever had. I am a long time migraine sufferer and I feel amazing and pain free. I will be back and telling all my family and friends!"

Dawn S. wrote, "So glad I found this place! The office was welcoming and clean and the staff was friendly and professional. The massages I get from Lauren have made an enormous difference with my back and neck pain. She finds every knot and has helped me to have less headaches. She's the best!!"